Friday, March 31, 2017

Rave Logic Session on Dose Radio [unedited]


Rave Logic 


Dose Radio (3/30/17)

             If you like Rudimental or fast EDM artists, then you would of liked what I was listening to yesterday. I like this stuff not only because it's probably very difficult to make, but it also gets your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. I definitely appreciate that kind of music, cause I don't workout enough. And you would definitely hear Rave's music during a Zumba Party, although you will never see me dancing to that kind of stuff. 
            I discovered Dose Radio on a music promotion Facebook page, and they had a couple good DJs. But honestly I didn't really know a lot of good U.K. DJs (other than Rudimental whom I mentioned earlier) so I clicked in-and-out of a couple live sessions that weren't appealing to me...... Then they showed Rave Logic, and my god were they appealing! I was the only blogger listener, which isn't new, and I shared it on my Facebook page, contacted PR manager/DJ Paul Ectomorph and they couldn't of been any more open to my promotion offers. With growing viewers in the U.K., I definitely think the blog is going to get popular soon so keep on reading and liking my Facebook page!
         The intense music session starts of with musical symbols and techno beats, it almost got me to want to push people to start a pit. Only thing is.... I was alone in my room.... So I just imagined it. As the beats get old with about 30 minutes into it, you pay attention to nicely timed scratching being put into the mix. Some of the scratching sounded off synch, but most of them worked. Finally, I started to try and listen to the difficulty of these sounds and scratches, and that was when I realized how much skill these guys have. These beats must take a while to make, and a lot of patience and dedication.... May that always be recognized by me in all electronic music, and I will always appreciate this for music in general.
          All-in-all, I respect these guys a lot. I hope this post helps them get more viewers and subscribers because they deserve it.

Good Luck Rave Logic,
John Cronin

Sunday, March 26, 2017

MUX [unedited]

Review of 

Italian Alt-Rock Band 


     The very first person that had reached out to me while I was promoting my blog was Rebel Rebel PR manager, Nick Connett. He wanted me to help him with promoting his bands from RR, and the first band was MUX. The first song I listened to by them was MDMA, and I immediately heard the Nine Inch Nails influence. 
      The song was unlike any alternative-rock song I have ever heard, and I love it. There's not a lot to say, other than the fact that I'm excited to hear more from this band and I have no doubt that they will at least go as far as getting a good fan base in America..... So let the fans come along through this post. 
      More reviews will be coming through the release of this album, please stay tuned!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Facebook Blog Page

Facebook Blog Page 

      For those who wish to follow the blog another way, I have created this Facebook page dedicated to this blog. If that would be easier for you to follow than checking the blog daily, feel free to like and follow the page! You can find the page by searching @jcroninsblog or click the following link:

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts and if you want to add your thoughts or opinions, feel free to comment on these posts. Also, if there are any bands or artists that you would like me to check out, no matter what genre, feel free to let me know!

Listening Area Remixes [unedited]

(Listen Area)

Listen Area Remixes 

Channel Review 

     I got in touch with Levan Nisparishvili, channel owner of Listen Area, the other day on Facebook after listening to his remix post Heathens (which by the way Viv thinks is better than the overplayed original version). The collection of remix songs is very impressive, with hit songs like I Don't Wanna Know, Hymn for the Weekend(from today and my favorite so far). and I Took a Pill in Ibiza
     Laven, and also my girlfriend, seems to be liking Conor Maynard, which I don't mind because his voice works for the remixes. Or should I say, like Viv just said, "HIS VOICE IS GOLDEN". I'm going to make this short, because theres not a lot one can say about the channel other than the fact that it has good songs. Plus it's a new channel, and please check it out...........Trust me it's worth it!
   With the uniqueness of the remixes in this channel, this channel (as well as this blog) deserves to go far in the music media industry.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Okski [unedited]


Okski Remixes 


     I had the pleasure to talk and get to know Jamie Okrzynski, EDM DJ, named Okski, that started on July 2016 in Los Angeles, California. After touring on and off with multiple Alternative Rock/ Punk bands, he decided to do what Skrillex did and start making his own music without a band. With over 2k followers and a growing audience every on his social media pages, this was obviously a big artist to reach out for me. I felt honored to talk to him, and we might even meet up if he tours in my area one day!
      His newest remix, High By The Beach, is my favorite song so far. It takes a low-key Lana Del Ray song and puts a higher dance beat to it... And it definitely works. His other songs like; Wanderer-Driving, and Love Myself; are just like his newest beat. Except for these beats they play with every little part of the songs, which is impressive. I highly encourage Jamie to continue doing these beats like he is doing right now. And he is excited for his upcoming remixes. Again like I hinted at, I definitely see him touring all over. 
   For me, Okski's kind of music is growing on me, and I definitely hear his influence coming out in his songs. The only artist I've heard on his influence list is Porter Robinson, (whose hit song is Shelter). I definitely hear his influence in the song, because of the bass drops and voice synthesizers. 
    Looking forward to more, and please please share his songs because he is such a nice guy with a great talent!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Awolnation [unedited]




       I have a confession to the people who like Awolnation's newest album, Run......... I think Megalithic Symphony is better. I'm sorry, it has more hits. 
       Now I'm not saying that Run doesn't have good songs, no they do and I recommend all of you to buy it.... But what I'm saying is that Symphony has more listenable hit songs. What I mean by saying that is that songs like Sail, Not Your Fault, and Kill Your Heroes are easier to listen to then Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf), Fat Face, and Like People, Like Plastic. The three songs are good and I still like to listen to them, but they're just not listenable. 
       Also, the one hit single from Run, I Am, is not anywhere as good as Sail is too. Sail has more grit and drama tone that I Am doesn't have. To be honest, I Am shouldn't of been the single for this album, Jailbreak should of been. Jailbreak, to me, sounds like what I can expect out of an Awolnation song with the intensity, mixing of two different sounds (guitar and turntable), and relatable lyrics. Even though it's a good song, and my favorite on the album, still Symphony is better. About half of the songs sound like each other and it pisses me off because they're better than that.
        All in all, I'm disappointed that we were waiting so long for an album that was good, but not great.

Oh well, I still love them.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Blossom Album Review [unedited]


Milky Chance's 


 Album Review

     Blossom sounds different then Sadneccessary (one of my favorite rock albums) because some of the songs sound more piano driven then guitar driven. Such songs are Blossom, Ego, Clouds, and Losing You who has some verses that are driven by a piano riff. Please correct me if I'm wrong by saying that.
     The two singles that were released on their own; EgoCocoon, and Doing Good; are really good and I find them catchy. If you haven't heard those two and you consider yourself to be a Milky Chance fan, then take some time in your day to listen to them. In my opinion, this album is a success because I generally like all the songs, other than the fact that like most rock bands some of the songs sound repetitive with the other songs. For instance, Firebird kind of sounds like Cocoon. With exceptions to those small little pet-peeves I have with the album, it sounds really good. It sounds like a more upbeat version of their last album. It was, to say the least, a little overdue to come out, seeing that the two albums are about 3 years apart. My favorite songs on the album (other than the three singles and the ones I have already mentioned) are Cold Blue Rain (which has a harmonica in it), Bad Things (a cool little collaboration with Izzy Bizu), Alive, and Heartless.
      So overall in my opinion I would buy this album, and if they are playing near you then I would also see them. Now I'm just trying to decide which album is better..... That's going to take me some time to decide that....
      Also, shout out to the couple viewers I have had in Germany (yes I can see that you are viewing my blog), thank you for reading if your the same people who have viewed it a couple days in a row. Let this be a good vibe telling you that your own German alternative band is doing pretty damn well in USA too.... Cheers!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Spring Break 2017 [Edited]

Spring Break 


Orlando, Florida 


     I know this is an awfully late post, seeing that I got back from Spring Break 4 days ago, I had a writer's block for this post until now. This Spring Break I went to Orlando, Florida and watched my sister, Beth Cronin, play softball with her college softball team, Stonehill Skyhawks    
     Before we flew to Orlando, we traveled to Providence, Rhode Island. Providence is home to one of my favorite bands, Deer Tick, an indie rock band who sounds like The Tallest Man on Earth with higher pitched vocals. The only thing that differentiates them from the Tallest Man is that Deer has killer guitar. Since Deer Tick started in 2004 they have made a ton of good music, so I'll just list a few of the ones I own on iTunes but I recommend exploring their other songs on YouTube: Baltimore Blues No. 1, Nevada, and (their old hit) Main Street. They have recently come out with a new album, Negativity, and I will come out with a review for that album soon.
(Matchbox Twenty)
  From Providence Green Airport, we flew nonstop to Orlando and arrived at night on Saturday, March 4, 2017 at our rental home. Orlando is home to a couple good bands, including the early 2000's rock band Matchbox Twenty and my very first hard rock band I found when I was in middle school, Alter Bridge. For those who are not familiar with Matchbox twenty, you've missed a lot. They have a couple classics from the early 2000's, including: If You're Gone, Bent, How Far We've Come, These Hard Times, Push, 3Am, (my favorite) Real World, Back 2 Good, and Unwell. Some of these songs seem to follow Nirvana's trend with talking about mental and developmental disabilities (evident in Bent, Unwell, and 3Am). Matchbox also came out with a couple good songs recently in 2000's like Mad Season, She's So Mean (my favorite recent song), and Rob Thomas's (vocalist) own solo song Her Diamonds. I'm sort of expecting more songs to come out, but if they decided to quit can someone please tell Viv and I cause we have no idea that they were done and we both absolutely love this band..... Thanks. Alter Bridge has been playing music with Creed's own guitarist, Mark Tremonti, and Boston's own, Myles Kennedy, for years, and honestly I still like them. Their album One Day Remains was, thanks to my mom, my very first rock album that I instantly was hooked with the genre..... Don't ask about the other genres that I was hooked on in my childhood because it is embarrassing... The whole album was littered with awesome songs like: Find The Real, Metalingus, Broken Wings, and The End Is Here. If you are a rock fan, then you would like all their albums like Blackbird, AB |||, and their newest album The Last Hero. Okay, sorry this post has to be quick because The Walking Dead  is on in 10 minutes, and yeah.... So check out my playlist on Spotify called Greetings From Orlando, Florida to hear more bands from Orlando, and..... yeah.... BYE!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

July Talk and The Strumbellas [Edited]


The Two Canadian


To Follow


July Talk 


The Strumbellas

     Consider this an announcement to all Alternative Rock fans! The two bands I'm about to talk about are two of my favorite modern Canadian alternative bands. There might be many more Canadian bands that I should listen to and mention, and I get that, but then again...... That's why I'm looking for feedback.
      The first band I will talk about is a close favorite out of these two bands, The Strumbellas. Their music has definitely matured from their first album, My Father and The Hunter, that sounds like Country Rock. The songs I would like to highlight from this album; Rhinestone, Underneath a Mountain, Left for Dead, Lakes, and The Sheriff because, like every Strumbella song, the lyrics tell quite a story and is produced pretty damn well. Although these are great songs, they were only being listened to in Canada it seems like, because I hadn't heard about them in 2012, but then again I was in Massachusetts and I was only 15 years old. They seemed to switch to Alternative Rock with their following album, We Still Move on Dance Floors, one year later. This album sounds great, with highlight songs like Sailing, Did I Die?, In This Life (a uplifting and powerful song that I find inspirational), Run, and honestly all of the songs are perfectly written in this album. Although I love this album, it isn't my favorite but is certainly a close the second. My favorite album came out in 2015, Hope. With the uplifting and metaphorically written hit song Spirits that sneaked their spotlight to the USA, also with over 39 million views on YouTube, this album is definitely The Strumbellas most groundbreaking album so far. Every song that's on this album to me is good, but some of my favorites are Shovels & Dirt, We Don't Know, The Hired Band, and Wild Sun. To sum it all up to say the least I would buy their albums on iTunes.... Not only would I do that, but I would also see them live because they sound that good. 
      The next band I'll talk about is July Talk, and if you like Heymoonshaker's voice then you'll then you'll like this band. In 2015 they came out with their self-titled album, with highlighting songs being Guns + Ammunition, Paper Girl, Summer Dress, and I've Rationed Well. Other songs on the album to listen to are Headsick, Blood + Honey, Gentleman. Then they came out with their 2016 album, Touch, introducing a new kind of sound of rock that I have yet to hear. Push  + Pull, Picturing Love, Johnny + Mary, Strange Habit, and Jesus Said So sounds like the harder side of Radiohead. This album lyrically is a lot darker than I expected them to get, but honestly I love it. JT is known for in their fan base as being a really fun band to watch in concert, but I wish they would also be known for their videos as well... You can really tell that these guys love to make music, and I appreciate that more than I like listening to them. Like I said with The Strumbellas, I would both buy their albums (which I already have done except for Touch) and see them live.
       Please comment your feedback, press the now visible (only on desktop mode for some reason) follow button, and read my other posts too!  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Divide Album [Edited]


Thoughts On Ed Sheeran's

Divide Album

            When it comes to artists such as Ed Sheeran, there is one thing I do not like. That would be the lack of variety as well as a lack of room for variety. Don't get me wrong, I love Ed Sheeran and his music is very good with a powerful voice and the ability to rap, beat box and play guitar well, but I don't need to purchase this album to know that. His previous albums, the X and  have all of that as well. I really enjoy this album, as it is a great singer/songwriter album as were his previous albums that all have upbeat songs regarding his childhood, life, hopes, and other things as well.

            My favorite songs definitely include his two singles Shape of You and Castle on the Hill, especially the Shape of You because of how upbeat and catchy it is. New Man, Galway Girl, and Barcelona sound like songs that could end up on the radio one of these days and should. Songs like What Do I Know?, Eraser, Bibia Be Ye Ye, and Nancy Mulligan I like a lot because they are catchy and unique songs that, I will admit, sound different compared to other songs Ed Sheeran has made. The rest of the songs are nice, but unfortunately do sound like all the rest of his songs..... 
           So all-in-all, Divide is a good album. I just wouldn't buy it if you have the X or + album, but I would do what I did and download it on Spotify. Because like the Lumineers, Band of Horses, Gary Clark Jr., and other bands like Ed.... It all sounds the same unfortunately.  

Chainsmokers & ODESZA (edited)

The Chainsmokers & ODESZA


(Favorite EDM/Electronic Bands/Artists)

       The very first time I heard both the Chainsmokers and ODESZA, I was entranced. My mood, no matter what it was, always lifted after listening to these bands. Not only are both bands talented, they are also dominating the music I want to listen to. The Chainsmokers are seemingly overtaking the pop charts with each song they come out with, and you would have to live under a rock if you didn't know their most popular songs such as RosesCloser, Don't Let Me Down, or Paris. Another song that they have just recently come out with is (sjlt) featuring a big favorite band of mine; Coldplay. Every time I hear the song, it always makes me smile because collaborations like The Chainsmokers and Coldplay are truly amazing. However, it isn't only these top pop songs that I love. I really enjoy all their songs, even the ones that aren't on the radio such as KanyeEraseInside OutWaterbed, and basically the whole Bouqet album. The Chainsmokers are nowadays the duo that like to make beats about love songs while story telling.

       ODESZA is more complicated than The Chainsmokers, but this electronic duo is easily my favorite electronic group I have come across. As a fan of remixes, their hit Say My Name has some pretty good remixes so if you like them as well, give them a listen. For some reason this group is not on the radio. Then again who listens to that crap nowadays? Other than 103.3 AMP radio, I sure don't. Songs that I believe the radio is missing out on, are hidden jewels like It's Only (ftr. Zyra)All We Need (ftr. Shy Girls), and White Lies (ftr. Jenni Potts). Their individual songs like BloomSundaraHow Did I Get Here, We Were YoungKusanagi are amazingly produced as well as basically all of their songs.

       Before I continue with another EDM and electronic artist, I hope everyone appreciates and understands that the duos The Chainsmokers and ODESZA are some of the best out there because of their unique sound and quality in every song produced.

       Some of the next bands and artists are all featured on my Spotify playlist labeled Electronica. Some of my favorite songs on that playlist include Let My Love You by DJ SnakeStarboy by The Weeknd ftr. Daft PunkCapsize by Frenship ftr. Emily Warren, and the hit song In The Name of Love by Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha. These songs are only just a few that are taking over Pop Charts, but they only make up a small part of my growing collection. I have artists like Alan WalkerFlume, Kygo, and a band that I found through Facebook MOONZz. Some of the singles on the playlist include Shelter by Porter Robinson (which is written for his father). Let Me Hold You (Turn Me On) by Cheat Codes and Dante Klein, and (one of my favorites that I found) Temporary Love  by The Brinks.

        I encourage all of you to check out this playlist and if you have any suggestions on what I could add to this list to make one gigantic collection, feel free to reach out to me. All-in-all, I don't mind the EDM/Electronic music genres. Even though it doesn't make me feel like getting up and dancing like it does to my girlfriend, I still enjoy it. Having my own go at trying to DJ for a few years, I know the difficulty in making this kind of music. It makes me appreciate the final product more than other genres of music. Not that other genres of music aren't hard to produce, but EDM and electronic music require countless days and hours to produce these sounds, create the loops, then try and fit them all together. I guess you could say we are spoiled music fans...

      Although I listen to a variety of music genres, EDM and electronic music are predominately what I listen to in my free time. I am always looking for new tracks to update my playlist, so if you have any suggestions or feedback, comment below and I'll be sure to respond as quickly as possible!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Why Twenty One Pilots? [edited]

(Reasons to listen to Twenty One Pilots)

        It's too bad when songs get overplayed. People tire of listening to the same song over and over and over....
       Twenty One Pilots ( I have been and still am a huge fan of them. To just point out how big a fan I am, I am in three of their Clique's fan pages on Facebook, as well as follow their feeds on every social media platform. I also own every one of their albums and have even attended their Emotional Roadshow's concert at the Agganis Arena in Boston, MA. I'm not going to completely and totally geek out, but I'm going to give you reasons why you should TOP a listen.

       First thing you should do when listening to their music, is focus on the beautiful piano playing Tyler does; especially in their song Implicit Demand of Proof. Also truly listen to the words they sing. TOP sends true messages to the world about how people can feel in situations. The duo, Tyler and Josh, have true talent and I feel as if they are trying to make you do one thing when listening to their music; understand. And that's all I want you to do. I just want you to understand that even though the words are similar to emo lyrics, they still mean something to the band, but mainly Tyler. Tyler enjoys emo lyrics, and whether or not this may be something you want to look into too much, he may or may not have personal reasons for the lyrics.

       The final thing you should do while listening to TOP is to think. Think about the words and what they mean to you, how they make you feel. Listen to Before You Start Your Day and Car Radio. What are they trying to get you to think about? How do these songs that TOP have relate to yourself and/or your personal goals? Lastly, how can the meanings in these songs contribute to your life goals as well as make you a better person?

       Upon first hearing this band, I knew they were special as well as the ever growing fan base. When Stressed Out first came out, I posted on all the fan pages I am apart of. Next thing I knew, people all over America were posting the same thing I had posted. Then out came Ride, then Heathens. Awards followed followed shortly after that, and oh my god, they got a friggen Grammy!!!

         As all of us fans know, these songs are overplayed. However it's still Tyler and Josh, and we've been with them and loved them since before "(they) made it." Let me correct myself real quick. WE MADE IT.
        Now please listen to Twenty One Pilots if you say you truly love music as much as I do. I mean it truly when I say that it's good for you.....

Thinking Out Loud (Venting)

(bing images: venting to friends)


Out Loud


First vent (drafted on 3/15/17)

"Heavy" by Linkin Park


            Before I express my utter disappointment with the single that my favorite band of all time just came out with...... I will say that although I was ungratefully surprised with the song, Chester Bennington ( is one of my favorite vocalists with a powerful voice and so does Kiiara ( And I know this was a business decision (probably) to steer their music towards pop, because that's where the money is..... But Chester (who this vent is directed toward), that is enough!!! You had your fun singing with a beautiful girl. Now come back to the dark side and scream a little more. 
           Okay from this point on, all readers should understand that I love them more for their alternative side than their lighter side. I do like Pop music, I do like when artists explore other genres.... But let's be honest, Mumford and Sons ( are the only ones who can pull that off with out pissing me off. It's tough to persuade fans to listen to alternative/hard rock music for years and then totally switch paths and play Pop music. I like when Chester yells and sings in an aggressive tone. When Mike ( mixes his turntable. Brad ( jams out with simple rock riffs that are still awesome despite the simplicity. NOW WHY DID THEY WUSSY OUT?! Instead they made this cheesy song, played a stupid riff with this friggen piano, and regular old pop song. LP knows better.... Brad picks up his guitar, plays a distorted riff, and Chester yells into the mic..... Not play a piano and Chester sings as if he's Ed Sheeran ( That's Ed's job.
          I'm half excited to hear LP's next album, One More Light (coming out on May 19th). But I'm also half nervous. Is it going to be all cheesy like Heavy was?

God I hope not..........................

Second vent (drafted 3/22/17)
Confessions of a Lonely Blogger 
        There's reasons why I started this blog, and it was a lifestyle choice.... I wanted to be well-known. Not just by my good friends but by other people around the world, and I know that I'm getting views but for me it has sadly not been enough. I've been spoiled to think that everything would happen if I truly wanted and begged it to happen. And for that thinking I want to apologize. 
         Last night I didn't post my live stream via YouTube on any social media (and deleted the video on YouTube) not only because no one was watching it, but also because I threw a fit. I acted out in other ways that I do not wish to explain, but to say the least I'm not proud of how I acted and for that I wanted to apologize to my viewers. I'm working on how to control my tempers and it just is hard sometimes. 
        As for this blog, I wanted to do this cause I am passionate about music.... And I will continue to post about my passion until I decide I'm too old to do it. Followers will come I know, but for now on I'll try not to beg so much.. 
        I'm sorry for being a new and lonely blogger, I guess I've just been jealous and spoiled. 

John P. Cronin

Monday, March 13, 2017

Now Following and Download These Apps


My Favorite Music Blog (So Far.....)

     So I was scrolling promotional ideas through a helpful article I found on Google, (, and it said to be mention other music blogs... So I decided to pick a couple popular music blogs that I like, and in this post I will update you on what those music blogs are. So far my favorite blog is, honestly, Indie Shuffle Music Blog ( site is really easy to use and I guess I have a lot to listen to because I never heard of most of the artists. For the songs that I like so far are from the popular song page, like Your Shirt by Chelsea Cutler and Big Fat Mouth by Arlie. What I like the most about this site is probably how they show what a certain song sounds like compared to other bands. I also like the fact that they, like other blogs, are so active and that is what I want to be....Active as much as possible. 


Please Download and Take the Pledge, 


      About a month or two ago I downloaded AT&T DriveMode on the Apple App Store, and took the It Can Wait pledge. Before I decided to do this I was often driving distracted by looking at my phone to change or look at what was playing on my iPhone, trust me it drove my girlfriend crazy and she felt unsafe sometimes when I would do that in the car with her. The reason that got me to do this pledge was the thought of losing my life, breaking hearts of not only my family but Vivienne and my friends, and it would all be over something that I didn't need to do. I didn't NEED to check or change my music, I WANTED TO. I needed to pay attention to the road, and that required my focus 100% of the time I was in the car. It could happen in a literal second, my life could be over just because I WANTED TO take care of my music instead of paying attention.... And for the sake of saving my life and bringing heart ach to the one's I love, I decided to take the pledge and seriously commit to it.
     Now every time I get behind the wheel and before I start driving I ALWAYS turn on my DriveMode to remind myself that it CAN wait. I have found this method to work for me, and I haven't checked my phone ever since I downloaded the app. Viv feels safer when I drive now, and I feel safer driving as well. 
     So far over 14 million people have taken this pledge, but what if everyone took that pledge? If that happened then I would certainly feel safer on the road.... But let's be honest, that can't possibly happen. So that is why I am asking all my readers, followers, and viewers to consider taking this pledge..... Just imagine how one small glance at your phone can simply end it all.... Please don't only take it for the one's you love and others on the road, but do it for yourself too. 

Promotion: 3/24/17 

To all who like my music blog, can you please follow my new Facebook page:
Thank You!!!

Boston Calling (May 2017) [edited]


Boston Calling May 2017

I am happy to announce that I have recently purchased tickets for the 2017 Boston Calling Music Festival. I will be there on Saturday, May 27, as well as Sunday, May 28. This would be my third or fourth year attending this festival, and despite the price of the tickets (some understandably claim they are overpriced), I feel as if this festival is 110% worth every penny. 

If you'd like to check out this upcoming festival, here’s the festival’s main page link:

Before I dive in about my favorite bands and what bands I have found to be interesting, let me first recognize two artists I won't have the chance to see that Friday. This first artist is well know for his song "Skinny Love," which I really enjoy and love. If you don't know who I'm referring to, than would be Bon Iver (

The other artist I unfortunately will not see is Sylvan Esso ( SE is an amazing female artist and DJ duo that have entranced listeners to a different type of musical beauty between vocal and techno beat. In my opinion, they are very unique and this combination is difficult to find within the music industry.

If you're a fan of Chance the Rapper ( listen up! He is highlighting Friday's show. While he has earned many Grammy awards, as I'm sure he deserved them, that genre of music does not appeal to me as much as alternative for example. I do not wish to offend those who love rap because they think I dislike rap. In fact that's not the case at all. I just prefer music that I can, respectfully, understand lyrically.

Even though I am excited for both days, the day I'm looking foward to the most is Saturday. I will be seeing an indie duo, Oh Wonder (, Kevin Morby ( who in a way reminds me of You Won't (an artist that played at the Fall 2013 Boston Calling, and an artist who sounds similar to Drake ( that goes by the name of Russ ( However, I'm most excited to see my lifelong favorite band Mumford and Sons ( Not only do I love them, but I also like every single one of their songs. If you haven't ever heard of this amazing folk-rock band, chances are you probably have. If you've ever listened to the songs like the Cave, Only Love, I Will Wait, and Hopeless Wander on the radio, those songs are by Mumford and Sons. I also enjoy some of their other amazing songs like Little Lion Man, Believe, The Wolf, Babel, Roll Away Your Stones, and basically all their songs. Regardless, give them a listen.

Usually, bands that have a similar sound to the highlighting performers would open for the artist, however from my scouting the other bands, none of the other artists or bands even have a remote sound similar to Mumford and Sons, at least not until Sunday. That's for a bit later however. Other big name artists that have performers opening for them that have similar sounds include The XX (,Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats (, and the 1975 ( Artists that have a similar sound as The XX are Majid Jordan ( with a more upbeat Hip Hop beats that are vocally driven, and Alexandera Savior ( who has a more upbeat version of the female artist on The XX. Now Nathaniel Rateliff has a band known as Strand of Oaks ( They have a similar tone of voice as Rateliff, but with more of a rock tone to it.

The comparisons between big artists and opening artists aren't the best, I'm aware, however I only listened to the top songs of each band so correct me if I'm wrong between the comparisons. The last performer I will mention that is also performing Saturday is The 1975 ( Similar to Mumford and Sons, they don't seem to have any artists or bands opening that have a similar sound as them. I highly enjoy them and find the band entertaining, even if to me they sound a little bit like a boy band. I would have to say that my favorite song comes from their self-titled album, Chocolate. To my ears, the band has an alternative sound, as well as a more mature sound of One Direction ( Other than One Direction being cheesy and a bit hard to listen to (completely my opinion), with the exception of the song Night Changes, they are a generally fun band to listen to.

     I have discovered that the Sunday performances have more big name acts than smaller named artists. The bands that I discovered that I have not heard of previously have a good sound and sound similar to the big name artists in the day. Tool ( is the highlighted performer for Sunday, and there are some artists that are opening that have a heavy metal sound. The bands in the metal genre that I enjoy the most are Tool, Rise Against (, and the older sound of Linkin Park ( A band that is performing, Converge (, is the type of band I could see myself getting into in the near future.

Now the next couple of bands I am going to mention have either been bands I've been following for some time now, or have a similar sound to a band or artist I have been following. Cage The Elephant ( and Weezer ( are two bands that I have been following for a couple of years now. What I like the most about these bands is the meaning behind their lyrics. As for the band Wolf Parade (, I am interested in seeing them because in my opinion, they have a similar sound to Modest Mouse ( I enjoy their song, Shine A Light, quite a bit from their older album. Now, we can talk about an emerging DJ/EDM artist that I am super excited to see; Major Lazer ( This artist has had two hits in the past two years, and those songs are Cold Water in 2016, and Lean on in 2015.

This next band, The Hotelier (, is a local band from Worcester, MA, and even though they don't have a sound similar to any of the big artists of the day, they do have a similar sound to the Mountain Goats ( I enjoy their rock sound with the interesting vocal sound they have. The track, Your Deep Rest, has a good punk-rock sound with quite a catchy chorus. Now, we have a band that I think and I consider and big name, and that would be Frightened Rabbit ( I am super excited to see them!! They come from Glasgow, Scottland, and you can most definitely hear the Scottish accent in their vocals. In my opinion, they are the closest sound you could get to the alternative band to Mumford and Sons.

One of the opening band's, in my opinion, has a country version sound of Frightened Rabbit, and they're called Buffalo Tom ( They're another local band, this time from Boston, MA. Another southern vocal sounding band that day is called Mondo Cozmo ( We also have the talented indie pop rockers/identical twins Tegan and Sara ( The two are both openly gay, and begun their careers with their guitars that they learned how to play at the age of 15. Lastly, we also have an equally talented female artist that goes by the name of Mitski ( that appears to be opening for the two. Mitski's songs Your Best American Girl, and Happy are definitely her most popular songs that are both interesting, but have music videos with good storytelling.

I hope to see everyone who is coming at the festival! Please feel free to come and say hi to myself and my editor/girlfriend who will be there Saturday and Sunday!!

Update after the festival (5/29/17)

It was totally worth the money, all the acts were great! Mumford and Sons definitely put on the best show that I saw the whole weekend, and there were a lot of good acts. Cage the Elephant were crazy just like they were last time. Tool were definitely the most talented band that was there, because of the amazing art that the vocalist drew and probably was added into the graphics on the stage on top of the amazing guitar playing. I'm proud to say that I have seen Frightened Rabbit, a band I listened to through my teenage and high school years. All the bands that I saw were certainly great, but unfortunately I'm told I missed out a good performance by Weezer.... Thank you for following and reading this post it was one of my favorites!

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