Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dogtooth [unedited]



     Dogtooth is a very interesting band, and they seem very mature. Their sound can be compared to indie rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and even Oasis. With songs like Rebel and Get In Get Out, they have got some nice guitar riffs and punk-sounding vocals. These guys can rock out. 
    One thing that I find that I really appreciate about their music is how they are so composed on the stage. They're like watching Vampire Weekend when they perform, not letting the crowd admire their performance on the stage but the music more than anything else. In this way, they seem like true gentlemen, and to be quite honest I admire that.
    The one thing that really sticks out to me above anything else is how many covers these guys have. "They have about a list of 48 covers from a lot of different artists and approximately 9 of their own at present" (Facebook messenger). Cover songs include some of their favorite artists like The Clash (London Calling, Should I Stay or Should I Go, and Rock The Casbah), The Who (My Generation, and Can't Explain), and so many more from bands like Oasis and The Jam.  The list is so big, that they don't even have an official list!
      I would like to thank Jennifer, John's mom for providing all this cool information for me while they were asleep!

Jon Magnusson [unedited]

When I told my friend, Abe, that I liked this guy, Jon, in a weird way he went on to say that he didn't know what I meant...... I honestly I just like him.... That is I like his intriguing sound that I haven't heard others try to pull off before. His old stuff began with all Swedish lyrics, but then Your Dreams, Psalm For Sinners, and Ode to a Friend came out. With those songs also did his punk, rock, and a touch of jazz music come out, and the folk stories came out as well. He likes to be influenced by different artists, such as The Clash, Leonard Cohen, Vampire Weekend (a personal favorite of mine), and a couple Swedish artists. As far as what to expect for his upcoming songs, not even he knows what to say about them so it will be a surprise for both the fans and Magnusson.

Birthday Card [unedited]

Birthday Card &

Heartstops Single

   Birthday Card seem like a creative bunch of guys. Their type of lounge music reminds me of the PapercutsWoods, and their influences New Order, and Prince with a lower tone. And my mind is blown by the recent success on their Facebook page music video with over; 12k views, and over 100 shares. I'm extremely excited and happy for their success and I continue to root for these guys.  
       "We're really happy with the response we've had to our music video so far. We've had some great reviews and feedback. Most importantly, we're humbled that  people genuinely have enjoyed and connected with our music" (Birthday Card via Facebook Messenger). Then again, with this much reception this soon, who wouldn't be "humbled" by 100+ shares and counting. Their next  plans are to push to make the cut for British festivals and BBC platforms.
    For all the new fans that liked Heartstops, don't worry there's more. "We've recorded more singles that we're going to release", hopefully sooner than later.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hush Forever [unedited]


Hush Forever

    2016 seems to have treated the Hush Forever band well, with the song "Life Is A Black Curtain" being in the film JAG ÄLSKAR DIG (I Love You). Also they had the honor to open for Vanessa Carlton and British band Lantern On The Lake. But now it is 2017, and who knows what their next album, Ibiza, will have in store for this Swedish guitarist new year. 
     The solo artist, Sebastian Lilja, has a very interesting sound that can be compared to Stateless with guitar-driven beat as well with a Radiohead sound too. Escaping from the Swedish-Danish electronica group Flipside, he  wants to "'break out of the mold at home and get away from things like the digital hustle and ringing phones for a while, to be able to focus on my dream project'". That "dream project" is Ibiza, an album that is a tribute to "the creative and multicultural environment in the Balearic Islands, where the album was recorded". 
         Singles Something/Nothing and B. John are very impressive, and the electronic influences are definitely there still. Overall, the songs are mixed well with their influences of chill-rock and electronic music. The voice are very well mixed in as well. The mold has been broken, and in comes his style of music..... And in comes his world that the rest of us deserve to hear because we all need to give him a chance.

(All quotes are from his bio, which was emailed to me through his management.)

(5/7/2017 Update) 

Something/Nothing Remix

    As if the song wasn't unique enough, now they made a remix for it. First a mystical and artistic music video, then a chilled remix focusing on the feeling of getting nothing out of what you thought was something. The remix really gives you a feeling of what emptiness feels like. In this way, I love this remix. 
      If your expecting a bass drop or an EDM remix, then you got the wrong idea for this remix. This type of remix plays introduces a piano and a humming sound into the song, representing how many different angles the song can take. The song changes only the background, so instead of a string instrument the song is driven with a piano beat. 

Prime [unedited]



Interview & Review

       With The Clash and The LA's as their influences, I knew I was in for an interesting band to review. Prime's music sound like the flow of some of the Cure and Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros songs, with Modest Mouse sort of different sounding vocals, and an overall beautiful madness kind of music. Now I will admit, I'm not too fond of 80's punk-pop sounding bands, but I find myself listening to Prime without a lot of the same kind of cringe I get when I listen to those kind of bands from that era. 
      When I interviewed Kieren and Lee I was outside in the pretty cold weather, and why I decided to do it in the cold is still beyond me to be honest. Throughout the interview I found that the words "sound in our music" to be a common theme to what they liked about their music, and I agree with that theme because their sound is very different then most bands I've heard nowadays so far. Theirs not a lot of music out there that has as many metaphors and off tempo lyrics that work as well as Prime's lyrics does. 
      As far as their individual genres, Kieren and Lee agreed with some punk, classic rock, glam rock, 60's and 70's rock, and The Beatles (early) to be on the lines of their genres. Their Facebook music is highlighted with songs like Teen TV, Like The Weather, and Flatline. On their SoundCloud the songs Bye Bye (who's music video is coming out in early May), and In Summer sounds more like modern versions of their 80's band influences.
      Their upcoming songs, the band says, is going to have more of a different sounds, including genres like psychedelic. A new single will be coming out in the summer, and to say the least I am intrigued to hear it!

Simon Alexander Gothberg [unedited]

Simon Alexander Gothberg

          To be honest, I have no idea what else I think about this Swedish artist other than "wow". When it came to finding a similar artist/singer, it took me the longest time to compare Simon. It all came down to Marcus Mumford, from Mumford & Sons. Yes, there I said it, in a lot of his songs I would say he sounds like Marcus Mumford. On top of that, I'ld also say he sounds like Kaleo and Matt Corby
         The fact that I'm comparing Simon to Marcus and Kaleo is one of the highest compliments that I think I could give to a musician, and honestly I really like this guy. His voice is so strong, especially in his newest hit song Won't Be Found which is on Spotify and SoundCloud. He has many dimensions of type of voices that he seems to play, but mainly he sounds like a rock singer. With a voice that sounds like it's made for the radio, I'm very appreciative that Dude.FM showed me his talent on Twitter.
            All of his music on SoundCloud including Won't Be Found and Phoenix Fire are some of his very unique sounding music that I very much like, but his live song shows off the power in his voice. More impressively is the fact that he made it on to a couple Spotify playlists too, and I predict he'll make it onto some more with more publicity that I think he'll deservedly get. 
            For his other music projects that he does on the side, he is the drummer for a ska-punk band called Y P & Pork.  He is actually a drummer for them, which shows off the fact that he is multi-talented. As far as his solo career, he is planning on releasing "few surprises" with the songs that are from his newest EP "Won't Be Found"

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wolfe Sunday [unedited](


Wolfe Sunday

     I love Airborne Toxic Event and Green Day, and this guy is both of these bands. His voice, especially in Kith & Kin/Sick to the Bone,  sounds like ATE, and his punk background sounds as simple as Green Day. 
     Wolfe is one of many bands that I have discovered from Rebecca Singer (fellow blogger friend) who  she found in the UK, and he is from London
     Listening to him from afar could sound like listening to a guy singing in a mic behind distorted guitars, but if you listen more intently it actually sounds pretty cool. It sounds like a guy who is singing for his own enjoyment and singing about stories that he wants to tell. What Wolfe Sunday sounds like to me is a potentially next alternative to listening to Green Day for punk rock fans. 
      He's best album in my opinion is Empty Bottles, Broken Bones. Highlighting songs include Dead Benedict, Spare Change, and Lith & Limb to name a few. Dead Benedict is a hit-in-your-face kind of song, that sounds like simpler and more like a punk version of Ballad of Hollis Brown by Rise Against. Spare Change is an angry sounding song that sounds like the punk rock version of Gasoline by Airborne Toxic Event. Finally, Lith & Lin sounds like Where Did You Sleep Last Night a cover by Nirvana, without the screaming.  

Johnny Balik [unedited]

Johnny Balik

       The moment I heard his music on Facebook, I was hooked. He definitely reminds me of a mix of Jason Mraz kind of soul and Lukas Graham kind of high vocals. It's the kind of music that you would listen to in a coffee shop or lounge with. 
         He seems like the kind of person who likes what he does, his voice sounds like he always fun with voice. The beat of his music varies from soul songs like; I Need You, U Make Me Feel, and YOU; and pop songs (mainly duets on SoundCloud) like; The Only One (prod. by Relta), and The Meaning (prod. by Ktoven). In this way, it's really different kind of music and it's re-playable music that I could listen to multiple times a day. 
        His songs seem to promote a lot of "love", such as like world peace (Little More Love) and falling in love (U Make Me Feel and My Perfect). But by far The Only One is my favorite song he's come out with. 
       His Facebook videos shows his John Mayer cover of I Don't Trust Myself, and Justin Bieber's Love Yourself definitely shows a great high pitched soul sound of the two songs. On top of that, he shows that he can play the guitar and ukulele, which is pretty impressive. 
       Well that's my spew on Johnny's music, I hope everyone checks him out, and enjoys it as much as I do. Please show this Toronto native artist your love (if you like him) on Facebook, YouTube, and all other social media. Bye now!


Four Colour Ghosts [unedited]


Four Colour Ghosts 

Interview & Review

     To me, the preservation of classic rock is ideal to celebrate rock music. Four Colour Ghosts are doing that and making it sound bad a$$. This week I have met a couple bands that are seeking to sound like classic rock artists. The main bands that I know of that FCG sound like are Pearl Jam and Guns N' Roses. This mix is something I've been waiting to hear in rock, because Pearl Jam is my favorite 90's rock band. 
    When I spoke to FCG, they found it hard to stick to one genre when explaining their music type. He decided on this genre title: "Alternative Indie Rock Progressive". As a band, they want to be simple with one of every instrument for each band member. And on top of that, they are all Manchester United fans and just an overall good group of people who love what they do.
      With songs on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes, they make themselves pretty open to the music world. Freak, awesome song with great guitar and decent music video, and Memories, a song with an even better music video, FCG has a pretty good collection of songs. But the sound of what their next EP will have.... They're just starting it seems like.
       They are going to aim for "foot tapping" rock, celtic drummers, and Imagine Dragon like sound in their next EP. So yeah, along with the Pearl Jam and Guns N' Roses sound and all the other factors that are coming into play for the next release, it's anticipated to be a pretty good album. The guys would love for you tag along in their music journey, which is bond to be pretty excited. And I know I'll definitely be along for the ride too!


Sunday, April 9, 2017

Urban5 [unedited]


The Urban5 

Remembering the Good 'Ole Times 

     As a music lover, some of my tastes from years back have made me think of myself as a rather weird individual. First I was a boy band fan in my childhood, mainly Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. Then, hardcore-rap/indie rock music in my High School years. Yes I said "rap". but like dark rap such as Slaughterhouse. I also enjoyed popular like Eminem and D12. Nowadays I know I say that I no longer care for this type of music, but when I gave Urban5 a chance.... I just couldn't help but to write a review. 
        Although I could be very critical of this genre, I'm not going to be because since I don't understand any of the lyrics I know that it probably means something to me back then and also to other fans of the genre today. So I'll be nice and say that I could never rap, and that's saying something cause I can talk LOUD and fast. But that doesn't compare at all to these guys on Urban5, because they can rap faster then most rappers. In my book, if you got rhythm and a good beat, then your good.... And that's Urban5 written all over it.
          I'm respectfully not going to say much about these guys I honestly don't know how to review this type of music. The reason why I'm reviewing them is 1. they were really nice and friendly and 2. they reminded me of the rap music I used to listen to throughout my high school and some of my college freshman year.
        For those who like this type of music, I think you'ld enjoy it so check it out. I will leave the link to their recent single "Flappin'" below.

Blaylock (Interview and Review) [unedited]



Interview & Review

          It was just a normal day, other than having one of my classes being cancelled, and I was talking to Neil Atkinson about interviewing (an idea I never thought I would go forth with as a blogger) his up and coming bands from the U.K.. Then I got a message from John Blaylock saying he could do an interview in a hour and 45 minutes, just enough time to let me take a test and get ready outside of my suite's lounge..... Forget about coming up with interview questions, because I didn't have enough time to do that. To prepare myself for the interview, I looked at his band profile reviews to find out that this guy loved music and song writing just like I did. I also put his two songs (Can't Lose Hope and Lighthouse) on repeat, partly because I wanted to analysis the two songs and partly just because they were that good. Then the call came, and the interview started......
         It felt weird and awkward at first, but John was actually really cool. After a friendly talk about how our days were, I got asked him about his reviews and started to learn about his music career before his solo career. I learned that he was a songwriter for 15 years, wrote all over the world including Las Angeles, Sweden, and New York. He also was apart of a band that had over hundred thousand fans on MySpace across England, and I certainly hope those fans will follow John's solo career too. Lastly, I learned that he was a Manchester United fan since he was 4 year old, so he was raised the right way as a soccer fan.
          Then I asked about his newest music releases, and found that the title was his friend's, Rory Flynn, idea and the lyrics were written by himself. Although the videos were good, both seemed to focus on the piano melody only which I was wondering if he was going to keep with that theme so I asked if he was going to do that. He said that he is planning on showing more than a piano in his videos, "the two songs just so happened to have a piano melody". He added that he loves playing with his guitar, so to expect something like that in his upcoming videos.  

(4/5/17) 5 O'Clock Gridlock Review [unedited]


DJ Tone Terra and 103.3 AMP Radio's 

5 O'Clock Gridlock 


        Let me start out by saying how much I love listening to this hour on 103.3 AMP Radio, I look forward to it whenever I find myself in the car at 5pm EST. So to say that I was excited to see that DJ Tone Terra followed me on Twitter is an understatement, and of course I was a little "starstruck". I hope this will be my first encounter with people in the American radio streams, because it is so cool! So let me get into the whole 5 O'Clock Gridlock hour on AMP Radio...
      The session began with a remix of Shape of You by Ed Sheeren, which was cool because it had an upbeat tone to it. Then Tone switched to another fast beat with Crazy In Love by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z, and having a saxophone driven bass drop. Next it took a weird slow down beat with Drake and Beenie Man, which aren't my favorite artists but they didn't sound that bad with the beat. In my opinion however, I think you could do a lot more with a Drake song because of the lack of instruments he uses in most of his songs. Finally, they had their first promotion break with Vanessa Hale.
      They started the second wave with a drum-driven beat of Don't Tell 'Em by Jeremih, a favorite rapper of mine (to be honest I loved his song Imma Star). Terra then faded in Call On Me by Starley, a decent beat remixed pretty well with a Sean Paul verse. After that transition, he did a remix of Starboy by The Weeknd with a rather EDM-sounding bass drop and an electronic bridge, and I found that to be impressive. I was excited to hear it because I have been waiting for a good remix of that song since it came out. This wave ended on a beat overplayed with Zayn's verse from I Don't Wanna Live Forever featuring Taylor Swift.
(DJ Tone Terra-Facebook)
       The third wave of music started off with Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers featuring Coldplay as a pretty good starter, in my opinion. Ariana Grande's song Problem was the transition with another saxophone-driven beat, and landed on a house-sounding remix of Katy Perry's song Chained to the Rythm, featuring Skip Marley, chorus. Terra then played an above decent song called iSpy by KYLE featuring Lil Yachty, and then the halfway promo came on with a "roll call" full of shout outs to listeners on the road.
      The fourth wave started with Nicki Minaj's verse of No Fraud by Drake and Lil Wayne, that impressively transitioned into Bruno Mars's song That's What I Like. Mars's chorus was remixed with a fader sound (or something cool like that), and lead into a bridge remix with a kid saying "catch me outside, how 'bout that". Heroes (We Could Be) by Alesso featuring Tove Lo was kind of remixed next, and then the background dropped with Scared to be Lonely by Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa coming in afterwards. Let Me Love You by DJ Snake featuring Justin Bieber followed, and went into another cool chorus remix of Stay by Alessia Cara and Zedd. The bridge was a cool play with a rap song that was seriously autotuned and sent into another promo.
        The fifth and final wave begun with Bounce Back by Big Sean, which is okay but like I've said... Hip hop and rap aren't my thing. The song At My Best by Machine Gun Kelly featuring Hailee Steinfeld was next, and than they played Don't Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers featuring Daya. That song was transitioned into a trombone-sounding bass drop that came out of no where (and kind of woke me up even more than I was expecting when I wrote this near midnight on a Thursday night). Then came another Drake song that I don't know, into Fetty Wap's 679 song with Remy Boyz. Then the song It Ain't Me by Kygo featuring Selena Gomez, which was a pretty impressive song. The final song was a drum remix of Cold by Maroon 5 featuring Future.
       Before I finish I want to thank 103.3 AMP Radio for having this amazing session everyday at 5pm EST in the US, and DJ Tone Terra for the Twitter follow. And also a side note, all of the songs were sampled with one verse from the song that was played. Thank you all again it was a pleasure to review this amazing radio station and this hour! Hoping to hear from AMP Radio in some way more than none and now (if your going to sleep good night) good bye!!!!


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wide Eyed Boy [unedited]

Wide Eyed Boy 



     When I joined a Spotify promotion Facebook group, I thought that I would get decent artists. Well I was wrong, cause I got a couple impressive and unique bands. Wide Eyed Boy was the first one, and they weren't the only ones. The other ones will be posted in the upcoming weekends.   
     Tom Taylor contacted me asking for a review, and couldn't of been any nicer to me. I was thrilled to learn that he was a Manchester United fan, although the band is a mix of Liverpool (granted that they formed there) and ManU fans. I'm not trying to start any grudges against me, but just saying we got Rooney.
           With a collage synchronized music video, this band reminds me of Young the Giant in a way. The song has a good beat, and a different kind of vocal sounds. Not quite sure what the meaning of the song is, but the words sound interesting.
          The boys seem like a great mix of musicians, and I'm excited to hear more! In fact, for viewers in London, they are performing on April 6th, here is link to get details: I want to thank the Taylor for reaching out to me, and looking forward to more soon!