Sunday, May 28, 2017

Partyshuffle [unedited]



    Niklas Liggo Snall from Sweden definitely has one of the coolest hobbies, he drives cool old cars and pull parts of remixes together. To be honest, I would hang out with him! He doesn't have enough followers, so go follow him and listen to the craziness this dude makes for his mixtapes on SoundCloud.
   He seems like he's living a good life drinking alcohol in the passenger seat (thank you Niklas for not drinking and driving) and blasting his mixtapes of awesome remixes. "I listen to the music when I'm welding at work. And when I party I my old cars with friends" Nik says. He also told me that he makes these mixes on his computer, and it takes about 8 remixes to make one mixtape. His SoundCloud tracks are about 4-7 minutes long, but I want more everytime one ends.

Five Mile Smile [unedited]

       Forming in 2000, Five Mile Smile is a rock band hailing from Northern Ireland. They took a 11 year break, 2003-2014, but got back together to find their "American rock sound". They have recorded many songs throughout the time they've been together, but the song that is a "in your face rock song" is Brawlin In Belfast. "Most of our other songs have an American rock feel, but with this one we decided to celebrate our home town, and the history of local boxing. We feel it is our best song yet" says the drummer (Brian Finley). 
       In the "early days", the band was made up of Ross as guitarist/vocalist and some bass, Brian on drums, and Connor on bass. The 3 piece band worked hard with a "small but loyal following" touring across Ireland. They recorded singles like Long Road Out in 2001, Walk Thru in the following year, and Pirate "a rough jam recorded during a band practice in 2003". They decided to break off and do other things in 2003.
       After talking to each other via Facebook, they recorded some songs and played a couple small gigs starting again in 2014. They recorded Call to Arms in 2014, and The Villain that following year. Connor left to be a father in 2015, but Ross and Brian stayed together "embracing the American rock sound" and went on to record loads of songs. Some of of the tracks include Drinkin All  Day in 2015, and Working Man that following year. Brawlin in Belfast is their latest and personal favorite song. 
        Loyalty and passion is what this band seems to have, along with hard work. I enjoyed rocking out to Brawlin in Belfast and Drinkin All Day, two songs that stuck out to me the most. I do have to agree with the band, Brawlin in Belfast sounds like their song. But hard work should never be overlooked, and with that said I will have to say Beg Borrow or Steal, Working Man, and Lights Out were impressive too. 

Pixel Box [unedited]

Review Interview

      Although the interview was so far my shortest interview I have had so far in my blogging career, I enjoyed talking to Pixel Box. As a band they seem to be taking this by stride, and sort of taking it easy and not rushing themselves to do anything they aren't ready to do. This is probably how things happen with a band and that's things should be. 
      The three men jamming out in each of their songs are; Vinnie Holmes playing the guitar, Rob McDonald with the bass, and Ollie Dixon on drums. The two band members I interviewed were Vinnie and Ollie, and they both said they grew up listening to music. They find their desired sound for each of song comes from listening to bands like Rage Against The Machine, but they say they are "very curious people" and like to combine all sort of distorted and electronic sounds. "A lot of our songs come from fooling around and seeing what works" Ollie says. 
      After making their first EP (Holophony) that was released last year, they are currently working on their next EP curation. They are almost done with it, and will hopefully be done with it within this year (hopefully in the summer). The new album is "a lot less heavier and more experimental than the last album was" they told me, with less rock elements then Holophony had. "The first EP was us finding our sound as a band, and those songs were in the early stages of the band. And the next album is what we want to be, and it's great... You can definitely hear that" Vinnie said. 
        When asked to assess they're accomplishments so far as a band they said, "It is getting that EP out, because I haven't been on a band that has released any sort of album ever" said Ollie. They have so far played little gigs around London, but very popular venues. Glitch Trippin and I Am ("the closest (song) we have to dubstep") are the favorite songs to play live, both of these songs will be on the upcoming EP. They are planning to play at trying to play at bigger venues after they come out with the EP #2 and attempt to get themselves out there to the music world. 
       I would like to thank Kehd Flowers again for showing me yet another band in the UK, and thank you to the Pixel Box for waiting for 30 minutes while I was stuck in traffic and spending the time to talk to me. I'm very excited for what's next!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Crybaby Special [unedited]

Crybaby Special

     Crybaby Special's newest song, Let The Boy Down, is a piano driven rock song that has a flow to it that makes you want to sing "let the boy down" along with the band. In fact all the songs are like this, and in that way their songs are contagious. So please listen at will, and be aware that you may become addicted to Crybaby Special. 
   Their vocals kind of sound like the The Clash alittle bit with the kind of funk sound that Jack White brings. With that said, I feel a little connection between Jack White and Crybaby, because the ballad lyrics in their songs.
    In speaking to the band I learned more about them, they formed in 2012, are apart of The Preservation Society Presents record label, and have headlined and played shows across the UK. For their newest single they duct taped microphones to the pub ceiling in Gillingham for the video. "When recording the video we agreed to start at 12 in the afternoon. One member was still asleep at 4pm so we planned to go ahead without him. He finally woke up and we managed to get him over in time to feature in the video" Crybaby said through Facebook messenger. Finally, they "mimed" the lyrics "let the band down" in parts of the video.
      I would like to thank Crybaby Special for all the information they gave me, and thank you Njck Connett for introducing me to the band. As always I will keep my readers updated with my opinions on future tracks they make!

Beatastic [unedited]

(Main Page)
    With a significant sound that definitely distinguishes them from the other bands in Brighton, it is a pleasure to do a review for Nico. His music seems to be all over the place with political, social, and personal messages in the songs. But all of his work comes down to one thing in particular, relying on people to form together for a good cause. And honestly, that's what the world needs to do with all the change going on around the world. 
    I admire how Beatastic's sound is in each song, the flow of piano drums and guitar is truly riveting. He kind of reminds me of a lower vocals of Woodkid, because of the multi-instrumental background flowing with low sounding vocals. His sound is driven in most of his songs by the drums and the guitar.
      The songs that really stuck out to me on Soundcloud is The Freedom, a loud song that reminds me of what it's like to listen to a Big Pink track. The political song Nothing Will be the Same Next Year that sheds light on his own concern for society and the world problems through a summary of what happened in 2016 in his music video. And lastly, he does a different version of a classic Temple of the Dog song, Hunger Strike, that is more electronic and trance like.
     Here's some links to his social medias if you want to get in touch with him:

Luna Rosa [unedited]

Luna Rosa

    Rockin' out since 2014, Luna Rosa have played basically everywhere in the UK. With songs that range from sounding like Oasis to the Libertines
      Luna Rosa consider themselves as an "Alternative/Psych/Indie" genre, and they are from Corby, Northamptonshire, UK. 
      Their free album on self-titled album is pretty awesome, with great songs like Spread My Ashes Anywhere But Here, Fever, and The Fire Inside. The songs equally seem to play well together, as if they are on the same levels. On May 26th they are planning to come out with their next single called Mercurial Man. 
       (More information coming soon)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Joe Symes and the Loving Kind [unedited]


Interview & Review

        These guys are nothing but interesting, he had the honor to play at the after-party for Noel Gallagher's tour. He didn't only play for Noel once, but twice. "I think that was our favorite gig, and the fact that we were asked to do it twice was a big compliment" said drummer Colin White during my interview with him and Joe last week. 
        Before finding his mark with this band, Joe and Colin tried their luck with a previous bands that did not turn out to be as successful. "You gotta go through other bands to get to where you want to be" states Colin, which seems to be a common theme for artists that I've met that play in all kinds of genres. "We are making an album in Peter Gabriel's studio" says Joe, and come on how many bands get to do that?
         Their tour they say are going well, the show they played before the interview was at a sold-out theater. They have opened for the Christians, and the fans cheered them on for an encore. They're going to stay local with the rest of tour, and they will be playing their first outdoor gig soon. When asked to compare themselves to other bands, they both simply said "you can't".
         They said that they have all different type of music like rock, pop, a little country, and a mix of alternative in all of their songs. Colin says "there are songs that sound like rock, and others that sound like dixieland music".
         It was a great pleasure to have the chance to talk to these musicians, and hopefully I will meet them backstage someday in Boston!

Ed Han [unedited]

      I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of this cool tune by Ed Han from California. Moonlight Beach is a very mellow and kind of relaxing music to listen to. It makes for some sort of zoning out and just being in the moment. Hearing this kind of put me in a better mood then I was, and I needed that. I guess that's the beauty of house and electronic music, if it's done right then it will help your mood.
      Ed got is currently 22 (the same age as me), and got into music around 19 years old, and is "classically trained on the violin and played in (an) orchestra throughout Middle School and High School" he says. He considers his music to be "chill-out house, ambient, melodic progressive house, (and) trance".  While still finding his sound, he would so far calls it a "mesh (of) orchestral elements with synthesizers".
      He is half-Japanese and half-Korean, and is based out of Los Angeles, but was born in Anaheim, California. He lived in other cities as far as Hong Kong and as close as San Francisco. Other cities he also lived in include New York City, Chicago, Korea, and Japan.
       Moonlit Beach is his debut single, and he is working on his next track at the moment; so when the next single comes out so will an update will be released by me, as I do with all the rest of the artists I stay in touch with. So keep a close eye on this post in the future if you like Ed's single!

Yur Mum [unedited]


Interview & Review

     Where does the band name come from? "It came from this" Akos (drummer) said while pointing to a wine bottle. "It was after a rehearsal and a lot of alcohol" said Ane (vocalist), "we needed an idea fast cause we had a gig and we didn't have a name". They like to think that their unique cause of their lack pretentiousness, "we just want to play, we kind of cut-the-crap and don't try to look good or try to please anyone" Ane says. Overall, they seem to just want to have fun, and honestly the world needs more bands like them in it.... Music is supposed to be fun to make as well. 
       I interviewed band members Fabio (from Brazil), Ane (Brazilian), and Akos (from Hungary). They all live in London, and the two Brazilians met each other while playing on an electronic/industrial band called Plastique. Akos met Fabio (Plastique's guitarist) and Ane (vocalist) when they met each other at a Plastec gig, from there they "jammed out" together and made their own band. "We wanted to go back to our roots and do something raw, something you can just improvise" Fabio said when explaining why they decided to make their own band. Fabio now plays the drums, Ane still sings, and Akos plays the guitar. "The friendship came first, between the three of us. And then the desire to jam together came" Ane remarked. 
       Akos was influenced by being a huge Guns 'N Roses fan, and Slash is a biggest influence for being a guitarist. Ane says she is inspired by the grunge era, but the bands are harder to say because "they go through phases" she says. Lastly, Fabio could think of many bands for each of their songs. But the band in all agrees that they aren't trying to sound like a specific band, they want their own individual sound. 
        Fabio says if he wasn't doing music then "I would be a very sad man", but would do more graphic designing if anything. Ane would be either do something in the theater, or be a "PE teacher". And the drummer said "I seriously have no idea", but the band would lean on their day jobs that they have other then the music. 
        "We have the most random fan base ever" says Ane, ranging from youngest at 7 years old, "when I played in front of her I was like 'when I scream I'm going to make her cry'.... But I didn't!" says Ane. And the oldest fans are in their late 50's and 60's. But the most dedicated man goes to "pretty much all our shows, he travels wherever we go... But he also supports a lot of the other bands as well" says Fabio, this man is called Michael Welsh. Who I want to wish a happy birthday and retirement to, because he seems like a really cool guy! 
        Yur Mum's music is on Spotify (with a full album), SoundCloud (mostly demos), Bandcamp, and Facebook (mostly live videos). Thank you Kehd Flowers for introducing me to this awesome group, and I look forward to updating my readers for future updates!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Revivalists [unedited]

        The first time I heard a Revivalists song, I feel in love with the voice from New Orleans. Then I heard the pedal steel guitar, which Ed Williams plays it beautifully. The guitar seems to be their trademark, and it deciphers them from the rest of the bands I listen to who are in the rock industry. The saxophone is good too, it goes well with all the instruments in the band. However, my favorite part about this band is it's eclectic mix of sounds with a strong voice to conduct them all.
    My first song I heard was Strawman off of their Vital Signs album, a mellow song. At first they sounded somewhat different, but then I listened to the rest of the album. Songs like Purple HeartCatching Fireflies, and Appreciate Me I introduced me to what this pedal steel guitar could do to a rock song. Then all sudden it all made sense why they got the saxophone when I heard the songs Not Turn AwayDon't Get Caught Up, and  Hurricane Winslow. The voice was so strong in Shot of TearsSoul's Too Loud, and Ride The Earth. What an album, it has so many dimensions as you can see but it was only the beginning.
     Then in 2015 they came out with Men Against Mountains, with a music video for Wish I Knew YouAll In The Family was apparently written by David Shaw's grandmother, as told in the live music video on YouTube. Shaw showed off a more maturer sound in Gold To GlassMonster, and the very well written song King Of What. I highly recommend people check out their live sessions that I linked into most of the songs, the production and composing of these songs are brilliant. Oh and also David Shaw's Afro is awesome!
       Overall, I find that this band is fun to listen to, and some of their songs are bound to bring a smile to many faces. Definitely take the time to listen to them, and if you like something about them that I didn't mention please share your thoughts in the comments!