Sunday, June 25, 2017

Curved [unedited]


Interview & Review            

          French Kiss has this beautiful voice mixed with a fun riff that captures your attention throughout the whole song. On top of that, Janne Kaarto, DJ for Curved, is just an overall nice person. He loves what he is doing and sees making music as a hobby.... Just like how I like to say blogging as a hobby. However, his hobby could totally become something bigger than that, and I am excited to see how this goes for him. 

            "My biggest musical influences are Van Halen (especially Sammy Hagar period), Marillion, Dio, Queen, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and of course today's artists Deadmau5 and The prodigy." Hearing this unique variety of influences, it's no wonder why I like Curved the moment I heard him on Meet the Underground. He loves music, "from childhood to (now)" he makes these amazing tracks just for the pure pleasure. Although, to me, he sounds like an EDM artist, he actually considers himself as an electronic artist. Janne says, "I play guitar and bass but electronic music fascinates because computers give you unlimited possibilities for creating music."
His newest and biggest song French Kiss has gotten him on a Big EDM, as well as over 100K stream on Spotify. Kaarto says about the reception to his newest song is a "happy surprise. It has succeeded well considering that I am completely independent artist without any support from record companies. It is my first track that has been taken to the official Spotify playlist."
Janne is working on two new songs for the upcoming tracks, "the compositions are complete and now I need to find vocalists (for) these tracks." The mood in the tracks are "pretty chill futurebass" kind of music. He is unsure about a whole album, but maybe an EP..... "I don't know if I'm ready for (a) LP."
JK says his music is unique because of his "musical roots," referring to how he tries to find "the perfect rock bass line like 'John Deacon.'"........ However, for his new music will sound different, because "the bass (will usually) fall behind and the synthesizer replaces it."

Sunday, June 18, 2017

BlitZ [unedited[

BlitZ sound like the modern versions of Queen, AC/DC, and many other classic rock bands like Kiss. I love the drums  in Rock Me (Through The Night) so much that I'm almost willing to compare to Avenged Sevenfold's, but A7 is just a lot faster. They got a good sound though, would love them to play a gig with another favorite of mine, Four Colour Ghosts.
             Never Give Up is written well, I was surprised to hear something as light with a piano riff tied into one of their songs.... Pleasantly surprised at least. All of the songs on SoundCloud are good, the tracks are catchy and simply melodically written. Not too heavy rock, but just the right amount of rock. Their showmanship is upbeat and reminds me a lot of how 80's bands play. Falling Down is catchy as well with easy lyrics to sing along with.
            They are a good tribute to rock and roll, they seem to keep the "good time rock and roll" feel in the air. Although my taste doesn't really include 80's kind of rock, other than Dinosaur Jr and some AC/DC, I certainly appreciate the sound. This kind of music is not good for times were you don't have to focus on what is being said, but it is good to listen to the instrumental sounds. These guys are good for headbanger fans...... Yes there are fans that wipe their hair up and down, I saw the nom everywhere during Tool's Boston Calling performance.
      They are starting to record their next album in July, and release it hopefully in September 2017. Very excited for these guys and can't wait to hear more!